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Body Treatment:
is one of the oldest therapeutic
arts practiced in China for thousands of years,
and it has attracted an increased interest in
recent times.
The Added Benefits of Massage:
• Releasing moisture out of the body.
• Providing back, shoulders, neck and joints pain relief.
• Redistributing fat to get rid of cellulite surrounded
by water.
• Healing some cases of paralysis and infer tility.
• Treatment of many illnesses, such as insomnia,
tension, and headaches.
• Slimming and tightening the body.
• Clearing the mind.
• Maintaining the smoothness of skin.
• Alleviating pressure.
• Getting rid of dead cells, or any other harmful
substance that may impede the body’s natural
• Increasing flexibility.
• Relaxing muscles.
• Providing psychological relaxation, energy and
comfor t.
• Helping the flow of blood.
• Regulating the function of glands.
• Promoting positive thinking.
• Boosting and generating sensation in tissue
• Opening pores and removing toxins from the body.
• Activating blood circulation.
• Calming the nerves and improving the performance
of the nervous system.