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Body Massage:
Body massage is a healing technique used by
civilizations from around the world to promote
health, release tension and restore vitality to
one’s being. We brought together the finest
and most beneficial selection of Massage
The use of Essential oils combined with the finest natu-
ral ingredients; produce a luxurious blend of peace, se-
renity and profound relaxation. Our therapist will use
slow movement, gently guiding you into state of balance
and harmony. It benefits the mind through deep sense of
relaxation that removes body stress.
Introductory Prices: 60 minutes SR. 180
This classic European massage uses long strokes and
kneading to the superficial layers of muscle. It improve
blood circulation, ease muscle aches and tension using
palm strokes and gentle soft movements.
Introductory Prices: 60 minutes SR. 160
Ideal for the active individual who is seeking relief of
localized muscular tension. It helps in releasing accumu-
lated toxins within the tissue, this massage will focus on
reducing specific muscular discomfor t and is combined
with the techniques of basic Thai Massage.
Introductory Prices: 60 minutes SR. 200